Testing & Reporting

Testing and Reporting: End-to-end BCM Preparedness

The testing and reporting module in BCM provides end-to-end BCM preparedness of the organization

The best plans in the world are of limited in use, until they have been thoroughly tested. Most Business Continuity professionals tend to refer to the testing process as exercising, so as to emphasize that failure is not a negative result, but a step towards a better outcome. Analysing the results of exercising identifies what parts of the plan would work and where further work is required.

The basic testing and reporting steps followed by Ascent AutoBCM© include,

  • Create Test Plan: is used to prepare and generate Test Plans that specify scope, testers, test cases to be performed
  • Test a Plan: is used by Testers to perform and record results of their test cases. Optionally, Problem Tracking Records (PTRs) can be raised for the Test
  • Test Status: is used to provide an overview of test progress and close down a Test Plan on completion
  • Create Test Report: is used to generate a Test Report for the Test Plan
  • Manage Problems: is used to track and manage PTRs to resolution