Crisis Management

You are in a crisis, as long as you believe you can’t. All you need is a right guidance from a right person to inculcate a “Can do” attitude. So, stop worrying and gear up for Crisis Management through Ascent AutoBCM© Crisis Management Training Courses. Our highly skilled and industry best business consultants help you sharpen your resilience skills and strengthen your Crisis Management Team.

What all we can do?

1.    Crisis simulation workshop
2.    Crisis Communication workshops
3.    Crisis management Training
4.    Crisis preparedness Drills and Test Case Scenario’s

A crisis can happen to any organization
Would your business be able to handle a product failure?
What about a natural disaster or serious offence?
Are you prepared to relocate if your office is unavailable?

Ascent Technology Consulting prepares you for the worst and makes you resilient during a crisis. Use our crisis management specialist skill and expertise to learn how to manage your crisis. We will share our knowledge and experience with you in our crisis management training workshops.

Simulation Workshop
Crisis simulation workshop

For senior management

  • Realistic
  • Immersive
  • Interactive
  • Challenging
  • Constructive
  • Pressurised

Crisis Communication
Crisis Communication Workshop
For company Spokes person

  • Media Relations
  • Online and Social Media
  • Internal Communication
  • Building CMT Reputation Management

Crisis Preparedness
Crisis management Workshop
For CMT and BCM team

  • Principles
  • Processes
  • Check Lists
  • Resources
  • Practise
  • CMT Drills