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Gearing Up for Crisis Management

You are in a crisis, as long as you believe you can’t. All you need is a right guidance from a right person to inculcate a “Can do” attitude. So, stop worrying and gear up for Crisis Management through Ascent AutoBCM© Crisis Management Training Courses. Our highly skilled and industry best business consultants help you sharpen your resilience skills and strengthen your Crisis Management Team.


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What all we can do?

We prioritize crisis management workshop as the key player in imbibing a BCM culture in your organisation. The workshops are highly realistic and provide a real-life experience. They are highly customized as per your Crisis Management Team and BCM requirements.

Our crisis communication workshops improve your key personnel and the spokesperson’s communication and help them deliver a meaningful communication to troublesome media.

In fact, our Crisis Management Trainings make your CMT and BCM teams more accountable towards the business continuity management of the organisation.


1. Crisis Simulation Workshop

We facilitate with a desktop exercise to “road-test” your Crisis Management Plan(s) to ensure that both your team and the plan perform flawlessly in the event of an incident.

Desktop simulations help you to test a plan and provide valuable inputs to the following areas:

  • Clarity and logic of plan content and suggested approach
  • Team escalation, roles, responsibilities and resource
  • Availability of technical, logistical and administrative resource
  • Decision-making about a pro-active versus reactive strategy and the speed with which these decisions can be made
  • Decision-making around engagement with media or other stakeholders


2. Crisis Communication Workshops

75% of our workshops focus on crisis communication. Here, our consultants train your spokespersons on reputation management, crisis communication and reputational risk management.

Our crisis communication workshops help them understand the motivations of media personnel, like:

  • What the life of a reporter is really like
  • How they approach a breaking news story (a crisis)
  • What they want and need from a company spokesperson
  • Tips for success
  • Media traps to avoid
  • The impact of social media on crisis management

Surely, this empathetic communication coaching would make a real difference to your business.


Best Practices of Crisis Communication

We help you set your communication agenda, set principles for media relations, online and social media communication and the internal communication, in a crisis. These best practices, in turn, help you prepare an effective crisis communication plan.


The Crisis Communication Plan includes:

  • How to develop a stakeholder communication plan
  • How to prepare a media statement
  • How to prepare a Q&A document
  • How to brief a spokesperson and
  • How to run a press conference


3. Crisis Management Training

The crisis management training teaches to appreciate and understand how crisis management is relevant to working life of every employee, and why it is so important to an organisation. The training will cover:

  • What is a crisis?
  • Why it is so important for an organisation to respond professionally
  • Impact of good and bad crisis management on an organisation’s reputation and licence to operate
  • Best practice for effective crisis management
  • Relevant crisis management case studies and video clips

This Crisis Management Training would centre on various crisis scenario exercises, like

  • Cyber crime
  • Resource issue (e.g. pandemic; industrial action)
  • Infrastructure failure (e.g. power failure, telecoms equipment failure, datacentre failure)

We recommend using different exercise formats in the workshop to build different skills and knowledge:

  • Exercise the current crisis / incident management plan to assess how well it works in practice and identify any areas for enhancement / revision
  • Rehearse the crisis management team to handle a crisis pressure and build a greater confidence and competence to successfully manage an incident
  • Rehearse the respective roles and communication channels between the crisis management and BCM / risk management teams


4. Crisis preparedness Drills and Test Case Scenario’s

Are your CMT and BCM teams able to prepare an effective crisis management plan? If not, our crisis preparedness drills and test case scenarios will make them do the needful.

This crisis management plan helps them respond quickly, appropriately and effectively in a crisis through clear principles, processes, checklists and resources.

Ascent’s crisis management induction sessions are designed to acquaint teams with their crisis management plans through a process of briefing and, a desktop exercise. The CMT is made to practice the scenarios through CMT drills and multiple scenarios.

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