Business Continuity Planning

Making Business Continuity Planning Easy

The Business Continuity Planning (BCP) module in the software is used to capture key-person alternates, transport options to get to the business continuity facility, contacts (both internal and external) and to generate the Department BCP.

The “Activate a Plan” icon in the software is displayed depending on the scope of events defined in event management.

The “First Response Plan” icon can be used to generate a plan that guides departments through the initial response activities to an Event – it is only displayed if the Crisis Management Team has invoked the BCP for your area.

After the Business Continuity Plan has been completed, it has to be Reviewed and Approved. This activity is managed by the icon called “Review and Approvals”.

The BCP Plan has been developed to support the recovery and resumption of the process named on the title page. It is intended to be used in response to a business continuity event.

Based on the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) of any organisation activities, the Business Continuity Plan shall assign responsibilities to management, specific personnel, teams, and service providers. The plan shall identify integral personnel that are needed for successful implementation of the plan and develop contingencies to be implemented. Additionally the plan shall cover all aspects during business, including services during events and non-events.

Ascent Business Continuity Solutions could successfully analyse and implement customized BCPs to clients in Middle East like Qatar, Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia and other countries like Kuwait & Kenya.