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All organisations need to be prepared for disorders, caused by calamities or unforeseen events, which could threaten their ability to operate and survive in short or long terms. By having a tested plan in place, organisations will be prepared for an unforeseen events, thus enabling them to recover speedily and efficiently.

You need to identify all the business interruption risks, whether caused by major disasters or minor incidents. Define a tactical and strategic plan to mitigate the risks through proactive management and consider how to recover the situation as quickly as possible.

The time to recover is fundamental in limiting damage and maintaining supplies of services and products. For the well prepared institutes, business will continue.

Every business needs a Business Continuity Plan (BCM)

  • Is it important to understand what threatens your business?
  • Do you have successful strategies for Business Continuity Planning?
  • How do you plan the survival of your critical operations without developing plans for business resumption?

Setting a framework is very important to enable your Business Continuity Program. More importantly, exercise your people, test and test your plan. This helps in keeping the Plan alive for validating and maintaining Business Continuity Programs.

A holistic approach to BCM makes it possible to identify potential threats to the organization and their impact on business operations. It helps your organization understand critical processes in all business areas including, Production, IT, Finance, Supply Chain, Health & Safety and Security. This provides the framework for building an organizational resilience.

Working through the BCM process creates a clear understanding of how the entire organization operates. Although the process is looking at potential points of failure, it can also be an excellent opportunity to enhance service levels and improve processes within the organization that benefit customer service.

Ascent has been serving many esteemed clients in Middle East and Arab countries like Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia to name a few. With its domain expertise and proven software, it is moving ahead to serve global clients across countries like Cyprus, New York, Kenya and others.

Ascent is a specialist Business Continuity (BC) and Risk Management (RM) solutions provider of powerful and flexible solutions comprising of BCM software, independently accredited trainings and experienced consultancy services.

BCM Software

Ascent AutoBCM© resilient software solution helps various enterprises to meet crucial Business Continuity Management objectives with efficiency and consistency.

It enables companies to effectively plan and manage their continuity and crisis management processes.

Ascent AutoBCM© software is highly configurable to business continuity needs of various organisations. It can easily analyse the impact of business continuity risks, create and test business continuity plans, and initiate and manage disaster recovery activities.

Comprehensive life cycle of BCM activities:

–     System Configuration & Reference Data Maintenance

–     Business Impact Analysis

–     BC Plan Creation & Generation

–     BC Plan Testing & Reporting

–     Management Review & Approval

–     Enterprise Reporting & Analysis

–     BCM Program Governance

–     Event Management / Plan Activation

–     Document Repository for Approved BCM documents

  • Can be customised to interface with your existing corporate data sources to minimise data maintenance effort

Our Methodology

AutoBCM© can be customised to interface with your existing corporate data sources to minimise data maintenance effort.