BCM Resource

Supporting BCM Resource Management

Ascent AutoBCM© leverages its expertise in the field of Business Continuity Management and provides industry best BCM resources for consultation. Our consultants support various organisations in the development of Business Continuity Programmes.

Similarly, Ascent managed services enable organisations to establish a fit-for-purpose strategic and operational framework.

Ascent handles BCM resource management through deployment of various resources such as,

  • BCM Contractual Resources
  • BCM Consulting
  • BCM Outsourcing

Our BCM Resources help organisations in:

  • Identifying the potential risks to the organisation’s operation and their impact related to business disruption
  • Proactively improving an organization’s resilience against the disruption of its ability to achieve its key objectives;
  • Providing a rehearsed method of restoring the organization’s ability to supply its key products and services to an agreed level within an agreed timeframe after a disruption;
  • Delivering a proven capability to manage business disruption and protecting the organization’s reputation and brand