BCM Outsourcing

On-demand Outsourcing Services

Finding a right Business Continuity Management expert at the time of actual requirement could be an expensive matter for most of the organisations.

BCM is a niche market and looking at the demand for BCM experts, controlling attrition rate has been a cumbersome task for companies of all sizes. One attrition may cost dollars and training a new person with guaranteed retention is highly impossible.

Moreover, it is difficult for one expert to excel in all the concerned areas in the stipulated time. While most of the organisations suffer from training costs and project delays, many in-house BCM staff lack industry-wide experience.

In such scenarios, outsourcing BCM consultancy would be cost effective and budget friendly.

Ascent AutoBCM© provides end-to-end outsourcing services to mitigate the above risk factors, accurately and professionally.

We give assurance of handling BCM at any crucial point of crisis and deploy relevant expertise for each domain area such as:

  • Business Continuity Management Consulting Services
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Consultant
  • Business Continuity Management Training
  • Change Management Consulting and Training
  • Crisis Management Organization Consultant
  • Quality Assurance consultant on IT Disaster Recovery
  • Quality Assurance Consultant on Business Continuity Management
  • IT Disaster Recovery Consultant

Our outsourcing services would free you from all the attrition blues and help you in completion of BCM projects within your budgets at your convenient time.

Ascent consultants will pay special attention towards holistic coverage of Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) including people, facilities, process, technology and partners.

Ascent consultants will work with business units, procurement / supply chain and legal departments in ensuring that all critical supply contracts have in-built BCM Clauses, and all critical suppliers operate at high resilience level.

The team will also work out right performance indicators and maturity indices to continually assess the degree of implementation on ground and ensure objective assessment and comparisons.

Hence, while you take care of your business expansions, we take the responsibility of your business continuity!