BCM Contractual Resources

Alternate Solution for In-house Resourcing

In any financial institution, human resource activities are bound by compliances and stringent policies. If this is not enough, bearing the training costs and deployment of suitable BCM experts with all logistics is another uphill task.

Ascent is a preferred vendor for supply of on-demand expertise manpower for carrying-in necessary tasks pertaining to Business Continuity Management, IT Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Planning Software Services, Business Continuity Management Training, Change Management Training, and BCM Quality Assurance.

Ascent takes care of all your contractual headaches with complete ownership of consultants’ logistics, travel, stay and accountability for the respective project delivery. In addition, we offer day wise service facility at your convenient time.

Ascent implements some of the contract laws which include:

  • Contractual term or representation
  • Conditions, warranties and innominate terms
  • Terms implied by common law
  • Statutory implied terms
  • Unfair terms- Regulation by common law
  • Unfair terms- Regulation by statute

Ascent conducts training workshops for consultants of any level and provide industry best experts on demand base.

Ascent bears the responsibility for the conduct and performance of its consultants. In this process, we monitor their performance and review their work at regular intervals. We even assure immediate replacement of any consultant, in case of breach in performance or conduct is observed.

Our consultants perform the services with all due care, skill, efficiency and diligence in accordance with the highest standards recognized in the profession. They would act as the faithful adviser of the organisation, and would not seek and accept any instructions or orders from any authority external to respective organisation.