BCM Consulting

Regulatory Compliance with Business Continuity management Consultancy

The Approach & Methodology to be used by Ascent BCM Consulting is clearly aligned with both ISO 22301 and NCEMA compliances and recent acknowledgements from various organizations across Middle East are good endorsements of the Approach & Methodology deployed by Ascent team.

Our Business Continuity Management Consultancy experts provide consulting services in the following areas:

Introduction & Assessment

Business Threats


Strategies for Business Continuity Planning:

Identifying Critical Operation Strategies for

  • Mitigating Risk
  • Reducing Impact
  • Recovering Computer Systems
  • Resuming Business Operations

Developing plans for computer system recovery

  • Evaluating Commercial Recovery Services
  • High Availability Systems

Developing plans for business resumption

  • Initial Response & Assessment
  • Interim Contingencies
  • Resource Provisioning
  • Business Resumption
  • Return to Normal

BCP Consultancy Templates and Tools

Setting the Framework:

Enabling your Business Continuity Program

  • Overview of Business Continuity ‘best practices’
  • Setting corporate policies, objectives and budgets
  • Assigning accountability for the Business Continuity program
  • Establishing the Business Continuity teams
  • Implementing a Crisis Management framework

Train, Test and Exercise:

Exercise your People and Test, Test, Test Your Plan

  • Training and awareness programs
  • Testing and exercising Business Continuity Plans
  • Conducting a disaster simulation exercise

Keeping the BC Plan Alive:

Validating and Maintaining Business Continuity Programs

  • Maintaining & Administering Business Continuity plans
  • Auditing & Evaluating Business Continuity Plans
  • Maintaining Management Support & Commitment
  • BCP Best Practices for your Organization

ISO 22301 certification BCM Consulting