Are you training your BCM Team?


Looking at the colossal losses and the time to recover from natural or man made disasters in the past, organisations have realised the significance of Business Continuity Management. In fact, most of them have their own Crisis Management Teams (CMT). However, irregular training is challenging their crucial decision making, during a crisis.

Now, it is better late than never to consistently run well-planned BCM exercises and build a strong team. This initial step will arguably guarantee the desired results and helps in speedy recovery from any unforeseen situations.


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Building the BCM Experts

In practice, a CMT team comprises of team heads, operation directors, customer service managers, communication specialists, team leads and consultants of different departments of an organisation.

Their busy schedules and individual goals often force them to avoid annual BCM sessions and regulatory compliance analysis meetings. As a consequence, they are not accustomed to working with each other.

Practically, most of the team members lack fundamental training in business continuity.

In this scenario, there is an urgency of building a strong team with proper training, under the guidance of efficient Business Management Consultancy.

The exercises in fundamental BCM training help the team members know each other, acknowledge their roles and build a strong relationship with trust.


Crucial BCM Training

Crisis Management Team members are often selected according to their functional expertise and BCM training will help them do justice to their new roles.

The team training will expose them to

  • Business Continuity Management life cycle
  • Tools & knowledge to conduct Business Impact Analysis
  • Identify and select cost-effective Business Continuity Strategies
  • Guide internal IT and other operational units
  • Implement best practices of business continuity
  • Execute effective crisis management plan
  • Plan & coordinate efficient tests and exercises
  • Perform risk & impact assessment, planning, recovery and post event evaluation


 Advantage of BCM Software

Technology always helps us in speedy recovery from a crisis. Hence, it is mandatory for every CMT member to understand the support tools like BCM software. These tools help them analyse the impact of business continuity risks, create & test Business Continuity plans, and initiate & manage disaster recovery activities.


BCM Training Calendar

Business Continuity Management training should be a fixed calendar affair and organisations must facilitate with annual training. They can block the calendar for more trainings based on the complexity of the issue.

To conclude, a regular annual BCM training empowers the internal BCM teams to execute Business Continuity Plans, more efficiently and effectively.



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