Are you hiring a right BCM expert?


As a Business Continuity Management (BCM) decision maker of an organisation, you may undeniably agree with the argument of having a strategic Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for every organisation, irrespective of its size and budget.

However, hiring a full-time BCM expert amidst high remunerations and limited scope of work, is obviously not budget-friendly, specifically for a small size firm. But why so?

If one goes by several case studies and testimonials of small and giant firms, it is not just enough to have a BCM strategy, but a right Subject Matter Expert for a specific crisis. Here, akin to SMEs of varied sectors, even BCM has diversified arenas to be looked upon.

While your Business Impact Analyst may very well understand and forecast the alarming issues, it is not possible for a single expert to handle ITDR, BCP, Crisis Management, Change Management and Quality Assurance with all diligence.

Ideally, in such scenarios, the organisations have to recruit individual experts for respective BCM assignments. But, there is no guarantee of employee retention after the completion of every project. Organisations have to bear the brunt of recruitment hassles again and again. This may be quite irksome, costing time and money.

Interestingly, for institutes like banking and finances, recruitment process is very tiresome, considering stringent laws and regulations. If this is a major concern, one has to bear the training costs and logistics for deployment of BCM experts at their global offices.

Now, you may be wondering to what extent an organisation can bear individual SME expenditures?

Before you trouble your head, here is the most cost-effective and feasible solution to manage your hiring issues. Consultancy. Yes.

Consultancy for leveraging BCM Operations

You have all the rights to question why only the consultancy?

There are really some interesting facts about consultancy, which may bring strong affirmations from your side.

Most of the BCM consultants are highly intellectuals in terms of mapping the resources and designing agile frameworks. They provide optimal solutions and at the same time educate the client on strengths and weaknesses of each option. No one can understand the hidden loopholes of an organisation than these experts.

They can handle complex projects with ease and bring objectivity and neutrality into BCP process. Some of the advantages of a consultant include:

  • Enterprise-wide exposure
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Experience in multiple sectors
  • Ready-to-adapt attitude
  • Comprehensive Life cycle overview
  • Unbiased Strategies
  • Highly professional and focussed
  • Adherence to standards such as ISO22301, NCEMA…

Now, all you need to do is choose a right vendor for BCM Consulting, who provides both services and resources, on demand…

Ascent Technology Consulting  

Ascent Technology Consulting is a One-stop provider for all BCM requirements- Consulting, Training and Software. Ascent is a trusted BCM partner for many leading corporations of Middle East, Gulf and Australia.

Ascent is a preferred vendor for supply of on-demand expertise manpower for carrying-in necessary tasks pertaining to Business Continuity Management, IT Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Planning Software Services, Business Continuity Management Training, Change Management Training, and BCM Quality Assurance. 

Ascent offers industry best BCM solutions in terms of Training, Consulting & Resources. We address all the regulatory concerns and take complete ownership of consultants’ logistics, travel, stay and accountability for the respective project delivery.

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