Airport Business Continuity Planning


Why airport emergencies require robust Business Continuity Management Programme embedded in their operations and customer support functions?

An airport emergency can be on any occasion or instance which can be natural or man-made and warrants action to save lives and protects property and public health.   It is essential to prepare for emergencies that face an airport in order to be able to respond quickly, efficiently and effectively  . While every contingency cannot be anticipated and prepared for, a strong emergency preparedness program can assist in limiting the negative impact of these events, including liability and other post-emergency issues.

While many airports have emergency plans in place, additional information is required to develop managerial, operational, and business continuity plans to assist the airport operations in planning. consistently and effectively for continuity during  major disruptions.

Airports Emergencies Business Continuity Management

The operational resilience and continuity of all major international airports would seem to be in the national interest not just from an economic, practical, security,  but also from  national identity perspective.  Yet Most focus on emergency and crisis management and Business continuity takes a back seat at a majority of airports.  Indeed now the  airport executives  are trying to understand BCM and also  distinguish it from the reactive disciplines that come naturally in aviation – emergency and crisis management. BCP does not currently rise to a level of strategic importance necessary for many airports fund or implement, though it should.

Ascent Technology Consulting recommends that airport emergency planning should focus on the possible impact to the airport’s processes, systems, staff and critical supply chain management from different events, since these could have a similar impact on airport operations. Standard Business Continuity Management System must be established to cover the range of operational threats that it faces

The right focus should be on planning for the recovery of core business, operating and support functions at airports that directly impact operating availability of airport operations. Basically the focus should be in invoking the Business continuity plan to resume the operations and not just emergency or crisis management, aviation contingency management or Disaster recovery.

Ascent Consultants with subject matter expertise in aviation field / airport management operations can conduct Business Continuity Planning assessments of current state of critical operations and provide professional findings about plans that may currently be in place as per International BCMS Standard or local Airport Authority Regulations / Business Continuity Policy Standard.  Ascent consultants, who are professionally certified in BCP at the Master (BCI UK & DRII USA) would conduct on-site analysis and provide concise report covering gaps, adequacy and effectiveness of plans procedures and practice.

ASCENT AUTOBCM Software for Airport Operations

Ascent AutoBCM© software would enables a streamlined continuity process for all critical Airport operations , services and support functions through well structured BCM modules.

  • The software is Simple, flexible and easily configurable suitable for holistic Airport Business Continuity Management System
  • Active directory configuration based on organizational chart for easy updating
  • Very easy to use and flexible

Ascent AutoBCM© is a web based software tool, whose BCM Modules would Airports to consistently and cost-effectively deploy business continuity activities with a tried and proven methodology developed from lessons learned, including actual response to real events.

The software tool is a detailed, conditionally constructed, interactive questionnaire that enables respondents to create a basic, customized business continuity plan far more quickly than conventional methods by answering a series of questions about their critical operations. It produces – in real time – an airport-specific BCM plan which can be invoked with click of button., It is the first of its kind BCP tool developed for any industry where BCM management for airport operations becomes quite easier, simpler and manageable.

Our expert consultants will be available to airports, airport operators, authorities and commissions to help them implement the software and engage in an effective BCP process – at any level of involvement, from advisory, consulting and strategy planning, to project management, oversight and review, to actually developing the plan on an independent third party, expert basis.

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